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Retreats at Ignatius House Retreat Center are based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. All Ignatius House retreats are silent, unless otherwise noted. They are directed by a certified spiritual director who provides a series of presentations designed to assist you with your meditation, reflection, and spiritual journey. The retreat offers opportunities for participation in liturgy, group prayer, and spiritual direction. Time in the schedule and physical settings of the retreat center offer one solitude, nature trails, reflection/prayer areas and numerous opportunities to be alone with yourself and God.

Accommodations & Details:

  • 47 private rooms and baths; includes all linens and towels
  • Check in is between 5 and 6 p.m. on the first day of the designated retreat. A reception is held to welcome you and dinner is served at 7 p.m. Silence begins after dinner. The retreat ends after mass and the noon meal on the last day.
  • All meals are included prepared from farm to table. Enjoy fresh, wholesome, delicious meals, prepared by our professional kitchen staff. (While separate vegetarian, vegan or gluten free meals cannot be requested, there is sufficient abundance of fresh salads, vegetables and fruit sides offered for a good nutritional meal. A refrigerator is available for any food you feel you might need to assist you in your dietary needs.)

For More Information Please Contact:

Email: tandretta@ignatiushouse.org 404-255-0503 Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m

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Come for a day of reflection and renewal from 9 am to 3 pm. Led by spiritual directors, noted authors and faith leaders, the days will also include periods of quiet for meditation, prayer, and self- reflection. A light breakfast and lunch are included.


Our weekend retreats provide retreatants the opportunity through a variety of types of prayer (silent, communal, guided, reconciliation service, faith sharing, the Ignatian Examen and liturgy) to quiet down and examine where God is at work in the world and their lives. Retreatants are free to attend whichever exercises are helpful to them and may use their time as they see fit, taking advantage of solitude, nature trails, reflection/prayer areas and numerous opportunities to be alone with God.

All retreats begin at 6:15 p.m. with a reception and dinner and end 2 or 3 days later at 1 p.m. following Mass and lunch. All retreats are silent, unless otherwise noted; after the Friday dinner, silence is maintained between individuals so that each retreatant has time and space to connect deeply with God. Retreats are directed by a certified spiritual director who provides a series of presentations designed to assist you with your meditation, reflection, and spiritual journey. Accommodations include a private bedroom and bath and all meals. All 2-night and 3-night retreats are open to both men and women unless otherwise noted.



These retreats are individually directed and offer an opportunity for extended silence and solitude. Retreatants meet each day with their director to determine the number, nature and length of periods of formal prayer depending upon the ability and needs of the individual. Retreatants are provided suggested scripture passages tailored to their own prayer needs. Ideally, retreatants will have some experience in meditative prayer, the desire to enter into prolonged silence, and sufficient self-awareness to recognize their own inward movements. All retreatants will have the opportunity for daily liturgy and reconciliation.

Also, please note that 5 & 8 day retreat requests must have a completed application delivered to Ignatius House no later than 30 days prior to the beginning event date.  If you would like to make a 5 or 8 day retreat at a time other than the pre-scheduled ones, you may complete the application and indicate the dates you would prefer. We will do all we can to accommodate your request.


Retreatants have the opportunity to make the full Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola over the course of a month. Individuals who elect to make the 30 day retreat should possess a great desire to more effectively love and serve God and neighbor. Generally those who make the 30 day retreat will have:

  • Prior experience with silent, individually-directed Ignatian retreats (five to eight day)
  • A habit of daily contemplative prayer,
  • An ongoing and extended experience of spiritual direction demonstrating the ability to articulate one’s experience of prayer and the trust to share it with another.

A completed application is required. 30 day retreat requests require a completed application delivered to Ignatius House no later than 90 days prior to the beginning event date.


If you have questions, have already registered for an individually directed retreat and need to cancel or change your reservation, or to request a refund, please contact Theresa Andretta during regular business hours (Monday through Friday/9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.) at tandretta@ignatiushouse.org or at 404.255.0503. Once your reservation was approved and confirmed, the staff at Ignatius House began preparing for your arrival.  A spiritual director was selected, staffing and meals were planned and other events were selectively approved or delayed in order to preserve the silence that you would enjoy.  Because of these planning requirements, we may not be able to fill your spot if you cancel your registration less than 90 days from your scheduled retreat. With this in mind, we understand that many critical and important events out of your control may prevent you from making your retreat.  We will prayerfully consider each request for refund on an individual basis. Thank you for your understanding.




Classes and book study groups are led by highly skilled and qualified directors affiliated with Ignatius House, and typically last 6-12 weeks depending on the topic or the book being read. The classes will lead you in a great knowledge of Ignatius, the Spiritual Exercises, his life and his worldview.  Many of the books that are offered as part of the book studies will assist you in your spiritual walk, build new friendships, and open your heart to the love of God. Unless otherwise stated, the participants should purchase the book prior to the class. Coffee, tea, and light refreshments are served.

Ignatius House is a proud sponsor of Spring Hill College Graduate Theology programs in Atlanta. This provides an accessible means for educators and those in other ministries to achieve academic credits and personal enrichment.


Greetings, Spring Hill College is pleased to offer course work in theological studies in Atlanta. This provides an accessible means for educators and those in other ministries to achieve academic credits or personal enrichment.
Schedule for Atlanta Intensive Weekend Format

Schedule for Atlanta Intensive Weekend Format
Dinner: 6PM
Class: 7PM-9PM
Class: 9AM-12PM
Lunch: 12PM-1PM
Class: 1PM-4PM
Social, Dinner, Q&A: 6PM
Class: 9:15AM-11:15AM
Mass: 11:30AM
Lunch: Following Mass

Costs (per weekend course)

  • Tuition, Room and Meals (1 credit; 2 days of room and meals): $498
  • Tuition and Meals (1 credit; 2 days of meals): $398
  • Easy Listening (no record kept; 2 days of room and meals): $325
  • Easy Listening (no record kept; 2 days of meals): $225

About Spring Hill College
Study a wide variety of spiritual masters and mystics, along with biblical, liturgical and social themes with Spring Hill faculty as well as well-known visiting faculty. Academic coursework is enhanced by the cultivation of a faith community, through daily liturgical prayer and personal sharing. All classes are PLU eligible for teachers.Theological Studies offer a well-defined course of study and a flexible educational program which allows for the diverse goals of individual applicants. Courses offer the challenge of serious theological reflection as preparation for ministry or as professional updating and personal enrichment. Courses are taught out of the Catholic tradition, from a contemporary, ecumenical perspective. Spring Hill College offers a Master of Theological Studies as well a Master of Pastoral Studies and Master of Arts. They also offer an undergraduate degree Bachelor of Arts in Theology. In addition they offer certificates in Theological Studies and Spiritual Direction. Their courses designed for graduate and undergraduate studies may also be taken for the Easy Listening Track at a reduced price. Their courses are professional earning units (PLU) eligible.

For More Information, Contact:

Roxanne Wilhelm Spring Hill College Atlanta On-Site Coordinator (404) 255-0503 x229. Wednesday 10:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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Our Spiritual Retreats: Expect the unexpected…encounter God

Before you arrive, we are beginning your spiritual retreat experience by praying with intention and purposefully preparing the details of your retreat. During the retreat, we are listening, guiding, servicing and facilitating your experience to meet your unique needs on your journey to encounter God. And after the retreat, you will leave with tools and techniques to sustain your experience into everyday life. For greatest impact, the structure of the Jesuit retreat and exercises have been known to be intentionally challenging and at the same time “life-changing”.