Spiritual Enrichment Programs

Classes and book study groups are led by highly skilled and qualified directors affiliated with Ignatius House, and typically last 6-12 weeks depending on the topic or the book being read. The classes will lead you in a great knowledge of Ignatius, the Spiritual Exercises, his life and his worldview.  Many of the books that are offered as part of the book studies will assist you in your spiritual walk, build new friendships, and open your heart to the love of God. Unless otherwise stated, the participants should purchase the book prior to the class. Coffee, tea, and light refreshments are served


Click on the date to register. If a link does not work, the event is FULL. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list or have any difficulties registering online, please call us at 404.255.0503.
Jan 12-Mar 2, 201710AM - 11:30AMJesuit Mystics: with Carl McColman
Feb 7 - Mar 28, 20176:30PM - 9PMMindfulness Enrichment-Tuesday evenings with Mark Dannenfelser
Mar 7 - Apr 1, 201710AM - 11:30AMJane Vennard's Fully Awake and Truly Alive with Lalor Cadley
Apr 18-Jun 13, 20176:30PM - 9PMMindfulness Enrichment-Tuesday evenings with Mark Dannenfelser
Sep 5- Oct 24, 20176:30PM - 9PMMindfulness Enrichment-Tuesday evenings with Mark Dannenfelser


SHC Ignatius House is a proud sponsor of Spring Hill College Graduate Theology programs in Atlanta. This provides an accessible means for educators and those in other ministries to achieve academic credits and personal enrichment.


Greetings, Spring Hill College is pleased to offer course work in theological studies in Atlanta. This provides an accessible means for educators and those in other ministries to achieve academic credits or personal enrichment. JUN 19-21, 2015 (Intensive Weekend Format) – Weekend 1 When Was I Less by Dying? The Spirituality of Rumi Dr. John Switzer, SPT571/471 (Historical) (1, 2 or 3 credit hours) About the same time that Thomas Aquinas died, another spiritual master departed the world: Jalaledeen Muhammed Rumi, a Persian mystic whose writings and poetry continue to be read in the West as well as the East. Centuries after his death, he remains a best-selling author. In this course we will read some of his most influential poetry and seek to discover the timeless truths that these writings have to offer to the Christian soul. Students must earn the first credit during the Institute in the classroom.  Credits two and three will be available online, following the classroom-based course.   JUN 26-28, 2015  – Weekend 2 Parables of Jesus Dr. Timothy Carmody, SPT531/431 (Biblical) (1 credit hour) To hear the Parables of Jesus is to experience the dynamics of the spiritual journey – some parables describe the whole journey; others only one aspect of it.  Using the methodologies of social science criticism, narrative criticism, and story spirituality, the course will foster participation in the mystery of the kingdom of God. Schedule for Atlanta Intensive Weekend Format

Schedule for Atlanta Intensive Weekend Format
Dinner: 6PM
Class: 7PM-9PM
Class: 9AM-12PM
Lunch: 12PM-1PM
Class: 1PM-4PM
Social, Dinner, Q&A: 6PM
Class: 9:15AM-11:15AM
Mass: 11:30AM
Lunch: Following Mass

Costs (per weekend course)

  • Tuition, Room and Meals (1 credit; 2 days of room and meals): $498
  • Tuition and Meals (1 credit; 2 days of meals): $398
  • Easy Listening (no record kept; 2 days of room and meals): $325
  • Easy Listening (no record kept; 2 days of meals): $225

About Spring Hill College Study a wide variety of spiritual masters and mystics, along with biblical, liturgical and social themes with Spring Hill faculty as well as well-known visiting faculty. Academic coursework is enhanced by the cultivation of a faith community, through daily liturgical prayer and personal sharing. All classes are PLU eligible for teachers.Theological Studies offer a well-defined course of study and a flexible educational program which allows for the diverse goals of individual applicants. Courses offer the challenge of serious theological reflection as preparation for ministry or as professional updating and personal enrichment. Courses are taught out of the Catholic tradition, from a contemporary, ecumenical perspective. Spring Hill College offers a Master of Theological Studies as well a Master of Pastoral Studies and Master of Arts. They also offer an undergraduate degree Bachelor of Arts in Theology. In addition they offer certificates in Theological Studies and Spiritual Direction. Their courses designed for graduate and undergraduate studies may also be taken for the Easy Listening Track at a reduced price. Their courses are professional earning units (PLU) eligible.

For More Information, Contact:

Roxanne Wilhelm Spring Hill College Atlanta On-Site Coordinator (404) 255-0503 x229. Wednesday 10:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
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“Everyone needs time to get away from the hustle and bustle of worldly activities. A retreat is a time to be still and let go of all the worries of everyday life!” – Past Retreatant

Why was Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center founded?
Opened in 1960 by the Jesuit Fathers and Brothers of the New Orleans Province of the Society of Jesus, Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center was created to provide Silent Retreats and spiritual direction for people of all faith so that they may rest, reflect and hear the voice of God and his desire for their lives. Our ministry is based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola; a journey in meditation, praying the scriptures and finding God in all things. Our mission is to serve all for the greater glory of God and the more universal good.

Why a “Silent” Retreat?
For those who have never experienced a silent retreat, the idea of complete silence may seem intimidating and oppressive. But ask any past retreatant and they will tell you that the experience is quite the opposite. Within silence is the opportunity for deep and meaningful spiritual reflection and discovery. In silence you can hear yourself think; you also give yourself the opportunity to actively listen for the voice of God and His desire for your life.

Why should I attend a Silent Retreat?
The reasons for participating in a Silent Retreat are numerous and highly personal.  For many, a retreat provides the opportunity to examine the quality of their spiritual life and the direction of their spiritual journey.  For some, a retreat provides an opportunity to examine and reflect on a serious challenge, decision, or commitment they maybe be facing.  For others, a retreat may be an opportunity for deeper conversion, purification, and growth in their own faith and personal relationship with God. No matter what the reason for attending a retreat, the resulting experience is unique, personal, and often life changing.

What can I expect during a Silent Retreat?
All of our silent retreat weekend and weekday retreats are based on The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyolawhich are the foundation of Ignatian Spirituality. (To learn more about the Spiritual Exercises click here.) They are intended to help people find God more deeply in the world in which they live by becoming completely aware of God’s presence in their life through reflection, prayer and contemplation. The retreat fosters a type of prayer that as Ignatius proposes allows, “the Creator to deal directly with the creature, and the creature directly with the Creator.” Every retreat is led by an experienced retreat director who will offer a series of points for prayer during the weekend. Opportunities for liturgy, confession and spiritual direction are generally also available during the retreat.

When do Silent Retreats start and end?
2 Night Weekend Retreats: Check-in Friday between 5 and 6pm. A reception is held to welcome you and dinner is served at 7pm. The weekend ends after the noon meal on Sunday.
3 Night Weekend Retreats: Check-in Thursday between 5 and 6pm. A reception is held to welcome you and dinner is served at 7pm. The weekend ends after the noon meal on Sunday.
2 Night and 3 Night Weekday Retreats:  Check in is between 5 and 6 pm on the first day of the designated retreat.  A reception is held to welcome you and dinner is served at 7pm. The retreat ends after the noon meal on the end date of the specific retreat.

For upcoming dates view our Quick Registration page.

What does it cost to attend a retreat?
Because Ignatius House receives no Sustaining funds from the Archdiocese of Atlanta or the Jesuit Province, we rely on retreat contributions to cover the operating expenses related to our retreats. The cost for a 2 night retreat is $250 and for a 3 night retreat $300. You can choose to pay in full now, or pay half at the time of registration with the balance due 14 days prior to your retreat start date.

Payments can be made by credit card or check. Cash payments may be made at Ignatius House. If paying by check at registration, your registration is marked as tentative until the check is received. Please make checks out to Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center.

For financial aid, please call the office at (404) 255-0503.

What is included in the cost to attend?
A private single room with a private bath
– Because the majority of our retreats are silent, and their focus is on personal contemplation, prayer and meditation, all retreatants are provided with an individual room and private bath.  For couples, a shared room is only available during our Married Couples Retreat, or a retreat that is noted as not silent.  See our Retreat Descriptions for more information.

All meals, snacks and beverages – Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at scheduled times during your retreat.  Snacks, beverages and coffee are available at all times.  Should you have specific dietary needs, please let us know when registering.  We will do our best to accommodate.  You may also bring food and beverages with you should you desire.  A refrigerator and microwave is available.

What can I expect at mealtime?
At Ignatius House, our Chef prepares fresh quality meals to compliment your retreat experience. Breakfast rotates from continental to basic breakfast offerings. Lunch and dinner both include a salad bar, an entrée and dessert. At all meals beverages are available.
Gluten Free – Although we cannot provide 100% gluten free prepared meals, at Ignatius House most of our meals are gluten free friendly. As an alternative to our entrée prepared for all retreatants a salad bar is provided at lunch and dinner.
Vegetarian – Although we do not provide a vegetarian entrée specifically, we do provide a full salad bar with Feta cheese, Blue cheese, garbanzo beans and various nuts to provide protein with your meal.
Dairy Free – You are welcome to bring dairy free alternatives that can be placed in our mini refrigerator in the retreat house.
Other dietary needs – Please feel free to bring any special foods or beverages you want, or need, on retreat with you. We ask that they are in appropriate containers for storage and refrigeration.

If you have more questions, please call us at 404.255.0503.