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Seeking God In All Things

The Spiritual Exercises were developed by St. Ignatius Loyola to assist people of faith in deepening their relationship with God. Through a collection of prayers, meditations, and contemplative practices, the Spiritual Exercises enable any of us to contemplate the life, passion, and resurrection of Christ and how they provide the framework for how we should live and serve each day.

At Ignatius House, the Spiritual Exercises are the foundation of all silent retreats. Through a series of presentations given on retreat, you’re invited to consider creation, sin, repentance, and redemption. Through prayer and discernment, you discover a new way to realize God’s great desire for the world.

The Daily Examen is a technique of prayerful reflection on the events of the day in order to detect God’s presence and discern where God is guiding us. The Examen is an ancient practice in the Church that can help us see God’s hand at work in our whole experience.

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The Spiritual Exercises

The Exercises were developed by St. Ignatius to call people into a deeper relationship with Christ and to free them from anything that might be inhibiting that relationship. The Exercises traditionally are made as a 30-day silent retreat involving short, daily meetings with a spiritual director. However, many make the Exercises in the “19th annotation format” — a “retreat in everyday life.” Under this option, you engage in daily prayer for eight or nine months and typically meet weekly with a spiritual director while continuing your normal daily routine.


Learn more about the “19th Annotation” retreat in everyday life.


Why Perform Spiritual Exercises?

If you’re interested in Ignatian spirituality, our silent retreat center can change your life for the better. Here are a few reasons you may consider coming to Ignatius House and performing spiritual exercises:

  • Ponder the gratitude of God’s unique gift to you and your response to God.
  • Meditate on the examples of Christ and our opportunity in this day and age.
  • Make connections between what you do in a given week and what you believe in.
  • Find answers to deeper questions you’ve been pondering.
  • Find meaning in what you do and who you are.
  • Communicate with God.
  • Establish a deeper relationship with God.
  • Learn more about yourself.
  • See a different view of the world and your own life.

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