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Her Story

“Over 18 years ago I was 8-months pregnant with Alex. We were renovating our house, David was heading out of town for the weekend, the builder was refinishing our floors, and I needed to find a place to stay. So I signed up for my first 3-night Silent Retreat at the Ignatius House. Why not, right?!? (What else is this Protestant, very pregnant girl going to do but run to a Catholic retreat center?)

I’ll never forget that weekend because I experienced God’s love and Presence for the first time. I didn’t want to leave! Since then, I’ve made at least a dozen more retreats, I am involved with the Spiritual Direction ministry, and I have been blessed by Ignatius House in so many ways.

If you peek around their website, you’ll see why the Ignatius House is so special. Thank you for your contribution to support them in their ministries, providing a sacred space for people to experience God’s love and Presence.”

With much Love and Gratitude,
— Jennifer

A Sacred Place to Encounter God

Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center is a Catholic non-profit in Atlanta that offers silent retreats, non-profit meeting space, and spiritual direction for individuals and groups of many faiths. Retreats are offered as half-day, single-day, weekend, week-long or 30-day experiences.

Our first priority is to help you withdraw from noisy routines to create the interior stillness needed for deep listening and a more personal relationship with God. The model for discerning prayer that we offer was developed nearly 500 years ago by St. Ignatius of Loyola — a 16th century Spanish soldier-turned-priest, now recognized as a Catholic saint.

The Spiritual Exercises, which he penned, are used by people of many faiths as a tool for rational, methodical self-reflection. The Exercises can be a blueprint for prayer to help discern God’s presence in our lives and our response to each day. What unfolds is unique for each individual and that is precisely the point.

Consider a Spiritual Retreat

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Staff can assist with choosing the right retreat, understanding what to expect, making payment arrangements or other questions you may have. We look forward to welcoming you.


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