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Join a local Honeycomb or start one! Browse the map to see locations where faith-sharing circles meet now. To get involved, contact beeatpeace2017 [at] gmail [dot] com

“I was quickly welcomed into a community of women that had also been subtly led by the Holy Spirit because of a deep need to just be.  The burden was lifted to be something for someone else and I shifted into a space of feeling loved by my God…”

– Elisa B.

How to Start a Honeycomb

COMING SOON…. If you’re a gentle spirit with a knack for encouraging camaraderie among others, we invite you to come swarm with us. Explore how to become a “Queen Bee” and lead a “Honeycomb” in your area.  Our vision is that Honeycombs will form where needed and thrive in companionship with faith-filled women.

Prior to COVID-19, Honeycombs were meeting in person and our goal is to resume that practice as soon as it is safe! For now, Honeycombs meet online for live discussion.

Watch this space to learn more about how to form a live Honeycomb in your area. In the meantime, please contact founder Lauren Morton at beeatpeace2017 [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you!

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