Alison Umminger Mattison

Alison Umminger Mattison is a writer, professor, wife, mom, and ecumenical Catholic whose mid-life spiritual crisis led to her vocation as a spiritual director. She loves the arts, and works individually and in retreats to bring imaginative meditation, collage, photography, and other artistic media into the faith lives of her directees. God’s creative energy, shared with and through us, never ceases to amaze her. She has an MA in Christian spirituality and spiritual direction from Loyola University’s Institute for Pastoral Studies, as well as an MFA in creative writing. If you are creatively or spiritually blocked, she would love to work with you to find greater connection and generativity.  And if the arts are not your thing, she would love to learn how God speaks in your life. In her down-time, she likes watching birds and movies on the Criterion collection, or just baking cookies for her friends and family.