Lauren Morton

Lauren Morton is the creator of Bee at Peace. At the age of 4, Lauren announced to her mother in Kroger, “I am going to be a ‘Kroger check-out girl’ because they get to scan groceries.” She said, “Lauren, you can be anything you want to be. Just be the best at it.” FREEDOM.

As Lauren looks back on her journey thus far, she says, “Some people may not have thought I was the best. What is important to me, I am at my best by always finding my truth in any situation.” Lauren graduated from Emory University and The George Washington University (B.A. in Sociology and Master of Health Administration, respectively), worked in hospital management, and today is an innovative, grassroots strategic and organizational team-builder. “I was born into a family of strong Black women. Who am I? A multi-comma woman where EVERYTHING behind the comma brings me joy.”



To be a multi-comma woman, where EVERYTHING behind the comma brings me joy!