IVC is a national non-profit service organization that provide men and women most aged over 50 to minister to the poor while also gaining spiritual growth through service. Started in Baltimore, MD by two Jesuits this successful effort has spread nationwide with more than 500 volunteers serving in 17 regions. IVC Atlanta is the newest region onboard making an impact on poverty in the local community.


How it works

Volunteers, titled Ignatian volunteers, are retired and semi-retired women and men who are giving back by sharing their skills, talents, and wisdom. There are many nonprofit organizations working to improve the lives of materially poor children, adults, seniors, and families.  Ignatian Volunteers are used to augment the efforts of these organizations by working limited hours weekly on an annual basis. See Program Details

Volunteers tutor, advance literacy skills, help find jobs and housing, provide healthcare and companionship, and work to overcome poverty. They may also engage in counseling, administrative tasks, fund-raising, and more. What sets IVC apart from other volunteer organizations is the dual emphasis on both serving the poor, and supporting the volunteers’ personal spiritual growth by reflection on the meaning of their service and seeking Christ in it.


To learn more about Ignatian Volunteers, please contact Ray Hines, Regional Director

Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center


E-Mail: ignatianvolunteers@ignatiushouse.org


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IVC Atlanta
For more information, contact:
Ray Hines, Regional Director
Ignatius House Jesuit Retreat Center

Phone: 404-579-4782

Email: rhines@ivcusa.org

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