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Whether you connect directly with any of these worthy organization or choose to support them through Ignatius House, the word is out – you will get more than you give…
“It provides something in life you just can’t buy”; “although this job doesn’t pay me anything, in some ways I feel like it’s the best job I ever had”   ISP Volunteers

“CLA was a very significant part of my spiritual and professional development. Now, almost 3 years after I finished CLA, I’m still calling on those leadership lessons I learned!” CLA Member

Ignatius House is a proud sponsor of Spring Hill College Graduate Theology programs in Atlanta. This provides an accessible means for educators and those in other ministries to achieve academic credits and personal enrichment.


Spring Hill College is pleased to offer course work in theological studies in Atlanta. This provides an accessible means for educators and those in other ministries to achieve academic credits or personal enrichment.


Intensive Weekend Format

Weekend 1
JUNE  16-18:  Spirituality and Global Politics: Suffering and Justice in Shia Islam, Dr. Matthew Bagot
SPT571/471 (Moral, 1 credit hour)

Weekend 2
JUNE  23-26: Signs of Glory: Miracles in John’s Gospel,  Dr. Timothy Carmody
SPT531/431 (Biblical,1 or 3 credit hours)

Schedule for Atlanta Intensive Weekend Format

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  • Tuition: $330 per credit hour
  • Easy Listening: $125 per credit hour
  • Every registered student must choose one option for each weekend:
  • 2 days of room and all meals: $200 per weekend
  • 2 days of all meals: $100 per weekend
  • Saturday lunch, reception and dinner: $50 per weekend
  • Hospitality and Saturday lunch: $30 per weekend

About Spring Hill College
Study a wide variety of spiritual masters and mystics, along with biblical, liturgical and social themes with Spring Hill faculty as well as well-known visiting faculty. Academic coursework is enhanced by the cultivation of a faith community, through daily liturgical prayer and personal sharing. All classes are PLU eligible for teachers.Theological Studies offer a well-defined course of study and a flexible educational program which allows for the diverse goals of individual applicants. Courses offer the challenge of serious theological reflection as preparation for ministry or as professional updating and personal enrichment. Courses are taught out of the Catholic tradition, from a contemporary, ecumenical perspective. Spring Hill College offers a Master of Theological Studies as well a Master of Pastoral Studies and Master of Arts. They also offer an undergraduate degree Bachelor of Arts in Theology. In addition they offer certificates in Theological Studies and Spiritual Direction. Their courses designed for graduate and undergraduate studies may also be taken for the Easy Listening Track at a reduced price. Their courses are professional earning units (PLU) eligible.

For More Information, Contact:

Roxanne Wilhelm Spring Hill College Atlanta On-Site Coordinator (404) 255-0503 x229. Wednesday 10:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

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