Carrying It Forward



Ignatius House has several opportunities for you to engage in giving and carry your blessings forward…



The volunteer auxiliary welcomes and needs your help! Volunteers are organized to support Ignatius House in a variety of ways from office volunteers during the week to helping with making copies, answering phones, and mailings. Volunteers are also needed to help maintain the grounds, assist with event & environment needs during special events and serve as retreat greeters to support our retreat ministry. If you are interested in volunteering in any way, please contact Ignatius House at



Ignatius House Retreat Center maintains the highest level of respect for the privacy of its donors and benefactors. The Donor Privacy Policy guides our staff and volunteers on how they may use your personal information while honoring your rights as a contributor.

Ignatius House collects and maintains the following type of donor information:

  • Contact Information: name, address, telephone number, email address
  • Giving History: gift amount, gift type, date of gift, any gift restrictions requested by the donor
  • Information on events attended, publications and communications received, any special requests for program information
  • All information is confidential and kept on file for IRS purposes. Information is also used to analyze overall giving patterns in order to make accurate budget projections.

Ignatius House will use confidential donor information for the following purposes:

  • Distributing receipts for donations
  • Sending thank you letters to donors
  • Informing donors about news and events
  • Internal analysis and record keeping
  • Reporting to relevant Federal and State agencies
  • Contacting donors about changes to this policy

Ignatius House Retreat Center does not sell, trade, rent or share the names, addresses, telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses of our donors.

Ignatius House publicly recognizes donors by publishing names in various publications, unless the donor explicitly requests to remain anonymous. Donors may contact Ignatius House to request that they not be included in such publications.

If you have questions about this Donor Privacy Policy, or if you wish to be removed from our contact lists, please contact:

Cathi Spornick
Director of Development
404.255.0503 extension 227


Weather you connect directly with any of these worthy organization or choose to support them through Ignatius House, the word is out – you will get more than you give…
“It provides something in life you just can’t buy”; “although this job doesn’t pay me anything, in some ways I feel like it’s the best job I ever had”   ISP Volunteers

“CLA was a very significant part of my spiritual and professional development. Now, almost 3 years after I finished CLA, I’m still calling on those leadership lessons I learned!” CLA Member
Helping Those in Need