On Retreat with Mother Earth

Thank you, Volunteers!

Look at What We Did Together

Nearly 50 volunteers cleared, chopped, chipped, wheeled, shoveled, painted, and polished Ignatius House during the weekend of Feb. 19-20. We began and ended with prayerful reflections about God in creation, drawing from Pope Francis’ “Laudato Si” guidance to the world. We were asked to ponder the glory of “deep incarnation” as Board Member Rob McDowell, professor of geology at Georgia State University, described scientific commonalities between “stardust” and humans.

Thank you to all who helped!

Now Complete

Freshly painted and sealed patio furniture, a new waterfall bridge, sparkling windows, and a river deck ready for visitors are just a few of the projects that were completed during a 23-hour whirlwind of activity! Still underway are the repurposing of downed tree logs, laying more mulch, and completing new Stations of the Cross. There’s more to come!

It is not the actual physical exertion that counts towards a man's progress, nor the nature of the task, but by the spirit of faith with which it is undertaken.

- St. Francis Xavier

Change my Heart: A Celtic Prayer


O Son of God, perform a miracle for me: Change my heart

You, whose crimson blood redeems mankind, lighten my heart.

It is you who makes the sun bright and the ice sparkle.

You who makes the river flow and the salmon leap.

Your skilled hand makes the nut tree blossom and the corn turn golden.

Your spirit composes the songs of the birds and the buzz of the bees

Your creation is a million wondrous miracles, beautiful to behold. 

I ask of you just one more miracle:  Beautify my soul. Amen.

– Celtic prayer

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